1. Mariah @ Powell, Christmas Eve

  2. Mariah @ Powell, Christmas Eve

  3. Sam Austin @ Civic Center BART

  4. Anonymous asked: How do you become a Bart musician? (San Francisco)

    Easy! Just go to the station and play what you play! There are no official rules (that i’m aware of) regarding playing music in the BART stations beyond “no amplified music” and “no music in paid areas”.

  5. Anonymous asked: what is the rule for using a speaker or amplifier. I am only using the speaker for my soundtracks. is this ok

    Well, officially you aren’t allowed to play amplified music. I’ve seem people do it for years at a time, and i’ve heard people being driven off by security the very fist time. I think it has something to do with the quality of the music ;-) So long as you are respectful, not too loud, and it’s actually melodic, most bart employees won’t worry you too much i’d imagine.

  6. Gentry @ Powell


  7. Gentry @ Powell. 


  8. Jeff Mori @ Montgomery